Ever seen the West Coast wild flowers?   That’s when the Fossil is planning this event for – August/September – when the flowers bloom.   He’s still working on the walk route, so bookmark this page in your browser.   
It’ll be updated soon.

Anyway, here’s a sneak preview; we’ll be kicking off from Alexander Bay (that’s on the border between South Africa and Namibia, near the Orange River Mouth) and walk about 740 km, not all at once, of course.   
It’ll take around 25 days.

Somewhere along the route to Cape Town we’ll head inland and follow hiking trails along the West Coast Way, which is a great way for humans to plan a road trip off the beaten path.
Check it out!

Join me for a walk with your furry friend

Join me on any day, or even a couple of days.   There’ll be a few of nights camping under the stars but we’ll mostly be staying at pet-friendly places along the way.   And best of all?
You don’t need to bring anything!

The Fossil’s support team will provide food and refreshments – for you and your pooch!   They’ll even park your car and bring it back to you at the end of your days walk – how’s that for service!

So you don’t need to carry a heavy backpack.   The support team will transport your stuff.   Your overnight bag will be waiting for your arrival at the campsite or pet-friendly guesthouse we’ll be staying at that night.

As for safety and security?   They’ve got that covered too!   Every booking comes with Medical Evacuation insurance cover included.   There’s even first-aid paramedics and armed security guys on standby.   Not that we’ll need them, but “better safe than sorry”, as The Fossil says.


That’s why The Fossil and Jaxx (and you, of course) are doing this walk.   To raise much needed funding for our beneficiaries:

The Animal Anti-Cruelty League

AACL™ is the second largest Animal Welfare organization in South Africa and is even older than “The Fossil”, having been established in 1956.   As a charitable organization, the AACL is entirely supported by voluntary donations to attain the organisations prime objectives of “promoting kindness and preventing or suppressing cruelty to animals”.

Husky Rescue SA

HRSA ™ is a non-profit, all-volunteer rescue and adoption organization that has developed a rescue program to accommodate unwanted, abandoned and very often abused dogs.   They work across South Africa and have a Haven situated in Farmall, Johannesburg.

Walk For Africa

W4A is a non-profit initiative founded by The Fossil (aka Desmond Langkilde) that aims to grow outdoor events while supporting sustainable tourism in Africa.   It’s all about getting people to experience nature while minimising negative impacts on local communities, the environment, and wildlife.


Sponsors are the squirrels to my bark: the more they bring to the pawty, the lower the fundraising target drops! (Every acorn counts, trust me.)