Day 26: Strand to Simons Town

The Cape weather is weird! Yesterday was sunny with clear skies, and today’s overcast and rainy. Well, we left The Yard, our pet-friendly host in Gordon’s Bay, and headed for Simons Town in the Mahindra PIKUP to continue my Walk 4 SOS Huskies journey today. I’m sure looking forward to seeing the statue of ‘Just Nuisance‘ (that’s the notorious Great Dane painted on the back of the Simons Town road sign pictured above).

So, we picked up from where we left our walk yesterday, at Strand Beach. But we had to drive from there to Simons Town (that’s the red line route in the above map that the Fossil (aka Des) drove. And the blue dotted line? That’s where I wanted to walk, but couldn’t). Why? “Because some parts of the False Bay coastline are inaccessible, or protected areas, or No Dogs Allowed, that’s why,” says the Fossil.

But we did get to walk a bit. At Baden Powell Drive we pulled off to look at a spot where the sea has washed away the road that used to lead to Monwabisi Beach (it’s a kinda resort for picnics and braais near Khayelitsha on the Cape Flats – you can see it on the other side of the washed away road).

The sea sure is powerful! And the pic below …

… that’s the view across to Strand from the same broken road spot.

There’s a really nice long stretch of beach along Baden Powell Drive. “But you can’t walk here, Jaxx,” says the Fossil. “You’ll chase the seagulls that nest in the dunes away”. He really can be dim sometimes – that’s why I want to walk here!

Then we drove through Muizenberg – that’s the beach in the above pic where we’re meeting up with other Huskies and their people to join me for the walk to Fish Hoek on Saturday. Actually, the Fossil wants me to walk but I’d much rather join the MushItUp Huskies sled pulling team! Are you coming with your Husky?

Finally, we came into Simons Town and stopped at the sign pictured above. Who looks more dangerous? The shark or me? Or maybe the penguin, seeing as he’s chasing the shark? I actually met some penguins for the first time in Betty’s Bay during Day 21 of my journey. What fun that was!

Then we walked around the waterfront looking at boring yatchs and stuff …

… and after that, we walked back to where the Fossil had parked the Mahindra PIKUP – opposite The Lord Nelson Inn. And we went in the Inn. To meet the owner, Nadima, who’d kindly offered to host us overnight but we couldn’t ’cause the Fossil had already accepted another offer. What a nice pet-loving person! She has seven pets. They don’t stay at the hotel, of course, but I was allowed in to sniff around ’cause the hotel is closed for renovations. Anyway, Nadima and the Fossil had a coffee and chat (I had water) and then we had to leave and drive up the road.

To Sartorial House at 128 St Georges Street. That’s where we’re staying tonight. We met Louis Paterson, the owner of Craftart and Gallery Emporium. No, we’re not staying in the shop (although it sure does look interesting!).

Louis showed us where to park in front of the Sartorial House Self Catering Studios along the side of the building.

Inside, the compact studio is modern and airy with a really tall bed for the Fossil. Louise had even set out a blanket and bowl of water for me. And a packet of dog biscuits!

The studio bathroom has a big shower and I claimed that as my bedroom so the Fossil had to move my bedding in there.

After the Fossil had offloaded our stuff and set up his iMac, we took a walk around and I finally got to see the statue of ‘Just Nuisance‘. Now that’s a famous dog! You really must read his story (just click on the link – it’s too long a story to include in my blog).

That’s it for today. Thanks for reading and sharing Husky loving folks!

Wanna talk to us? Wanna host us? WhatsApp the tall fossil hanging onto my leash. Here’s Des’s number: +27 (0)82 374 7260. We’d love to hear from you!


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