Day 31: Hout Bay to Cape Town

Today’s the last day of my Plettenberg Bay to Cape Town journey. I’ve gotta tell you ’bout the people, places, and Huskies that made my last day of walking so special.

The Fossil (aka Des) and I hung around Hout Bay beach until 9 am, and when nobody showed up to walk with me, I took him for walkies up Victoria Street towards Llandudno. The weather was perfect and it seems that every outdoor sport fanatic thought so too. Now, remember how The Fossil likes to face oncoming traffic by keeping to the right-hand verge of the road? We’ll the cyclists and joggers don’t. They were coming strait at us! “En masse,” as the Fossil calls it.

So, when we got to Llandudno earlier than expected, and saw even more sport fanatics on the wrong side of the road (from our perspective, anyway), the Fossil decided to go back and fetch the Mahindra PIKUP “for safety’s sake”. When we arrived back at the Llandudno view point some people actually arrived to meet me. And guess what? It turns out that the couple, Penny and Winfried Walzi (that’s them in the above pic), were going to adopt me! But Beverley and The Fossil beat them to it, so they adopted another rescued Husky instead. His name is Monty but they didn’t bring him with. And they even gave The Fossil a cash donation for my fundraiser! What nice people!

From Llandudno we drove down to Camps Bay, parked the PIKUP, and waited at the main beach until 11:40 am. When nobody arrived with their best friends to walk with me, I pulled The Fossil’s leash and started walking…

… past some sand sculptures further along Camps Bay beach (I wasn’t that impressed – there were no dog sculptures)…

… past a few viewing sites, like the one near Boulders Beach…

… past Clifton’s many beach access points (with their horrible ‘No Dogs Allowed’ signs)…

… and eventually to Sea Point, where we were going to meet up with the Saviors Of Siberians team. And we did!

Delray & Brett Nortier and Bernice Lemaitre, the founders of SOS were waiting for us. And then Maria Shadford arrived with her two Huskies, Aslan and Robot. So now I had a crowd, and a pack, to walk with!

We met some weird people along the way. They were dressed up with really bright hair and were also walking along the Sea Point Promenade to raise funds – for cancer (to prevent it, I guess, not promote it).

And then we came across a big grass area where people from other animal welfare organisations had set up gazebos to promote their causes. There were puppy petting enclosures, and pet supplier stands. And a giant dog next to the Cape Of Good Hope SPCA stand (the Fossil is planning to do a fundraiser for them too!).

And then Beresford & Rene Williams arrived with their Husky, Storm. So now we had four Huskies in our pack!

Further along, we met up with a couple walking their Huskies and my pack had a sniffing session with them.

After a bit more walking, The Fossil suddenly stopped, raised his arms, and yelled; “This is it, Jaxx. You’ve made it to the end!”

After much hand shaking, hugging, patting, and panting, I finally realised – my 824 km fundraising journey from Plett to Cape Town is over!

Thanks for reading and sharing my blog posts over the past thirty-one days Husky loving folks!. The fossil says that he’s going to take over my blog for the next post to wrap up this edition of my Walk 4 SOS Huskies fundraising journey.


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