Family Pooches

After leaving The Waffle House yesterday, The Fossil (aka Desmond) drove the Jaguar iPace (with me in it, of course) to meet up with family in Umkomaas. I’d never met this side of The Fossil’s family before ’cause when he visited them last in November 2019 he flew in from Cape Town and I was left behind :-(. You can read his article Must Visit Road Trip Attractions On The KZN South Coast’, but sadly you won’t see any pics of me in it.

First, and foremost, I have to introduce the family pooches; Rocco and Rambo. Unlike my pure-bred Siberian Husky pedigree (brag-brag), they’re mixed-breed brothers sired from German Shepherd and Husky parents. And they’re young. And boisterous – meaning they’re playful and full of energy.

Rocco and Rambo joining me in (trying to) chase vervet monkeys in Umkomaas.

Also young, but of a more certain (human) pedigree, is The Fossil’s grand daughter, Ava Langkilde. She’s ten-years-old and really cute. Like Rocco and Rambo, Ava is also full of energy, which is really cool ’cause us Huskies like active people.

Thinking of the expression “…chip off the old block”, Ava looks and sounds like her mother, The Fossils daughter, Bo (and luckily for her, nothing like The Fossil). Fortunately for me, both Ava and Bo enjoy walking so we had several strolls around the Umkomaas Golf Course, which is near to Duiker Street where they live.

Bo Langkilde with Jaxx and The Fossil on the fairway at Umkomaas Golf Course.

Then there’s the final member of The Fossil’s KZN family – Ramon. I took to him instantly. I dunno why but some people radiate a dog-friendly aura that we can’t resist. And he’s trained Rocco and Rambo really well too. They sit and wait for his command when being fed. They even listen and come when called. “Unlike you, Jaxx” says The Fossil.

Ramon and Ava checking out the Jaguar iPace.

The weather’s much warmer here than in Johannesburg, so I ‘m going to find a cool spot to chill out, if Rocco and Rambo will leave me alone for a while, that is. These two dogs are always playing – they’re tiring me out. Well, that’s all from me. The Fossil says we’ve reached the end of my ‘Ride4Huskies’ travelogue. “Tomorrow is Sunday and we’ll be spending quality time with family, so no more blog posts from you after this one, Jaxx,” he says.

I dunno if anyone has donated to my fundraising causes but in case you care for animal welfare and need some salvation (saving of animals, I mean. Not deliverance from evil :-), go ahead and click on these HRSA or SPCA donation links. “Give a penny or two for Jaxx’s furry friends who are not as fortunate as he is,” says The Fossil (there we go – he’s showing his age again!).

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