Welcome to my very first blog post ahead of the #Ride4Huskies travelogue!

If you’re new to my blog, I’m JAXX – a Red Siberian Husky – and I love travelling. Obviously, I’m not actually writing this (my paws are too big for the keyboard). The Fossil is (that’s Desmond Langkilde, my adopted human). He is also my chauffeur, my coiffeur (a French word for hair stylist, but he’s not very good at it – see my next blog post), my chef (he’s good at that – I get plenty treats), and my pack leader.

Ok, so now you know who’s who, what’s #Ride4Huskies all about?

Well, it’s a travelogue – that’s a fancy word for stories about the places visited by, or experiences of, a traveller. Or rather travellers, seeing as The Fossil and I are both travelling. But this is a travelogue with a purpose. Several purposes, actually.

Firstly, we’re hoping to raise some funds for my furry friends at Husky Rescue SA and at the Benoni SPCA. We won’t be taking any donations directly. Rather, we’re asking anyone (and everyone) who reads my blog posts to click onto one of the beneficiary logos that appear on this page. Doing that will open the beneficiaries website in a new browser tab, and you can then donate directly to them. When you do that, please include “Jaxx Ride4Huskies” as the cause that you’re donating towards. And leave a comment, or email The Fossil (info@walk4africa.org) so we can thank you too!

Secondly, we aim to showcase pet-friendly places. So, if you own or manage a place that welcomes pets (of any kind – furry, feathery, or scaly) along the route we’ll be travelling, then email The Fossil or WhatsApp him on +27 82 374 7260.

Thirdly, and probably more important to The Fossil (’cause he’s a motoring journalist), we’re reviewing the vehicle that we’re travelling in. For this travelogue that’s the all-electric Jaguar iPace – but that’s another story (The Fossil will write about that).

And finally, we’re travelling along the N3, from Johannesburg to Durban and then along the N2 that stretches along the south coast of KwaZulu-Natal. Why? ‘Cause that’s where GridCars and Jaguar have installed their EV recharging stations, of course.

OK, that’s all for this post. Thanks for reading and sharing 🙂

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