Day T-2: Getting There

Just two more sleeps before we begin our Walk 4 Huskies journey. I missed my morning walk today ’cause the fossil wanted to leave Johannesburg real early (it actually wasn’t that early – I’d been awake for hours).

Anyway, today, we’ve been “road tripping” – that’s what Des calls it in the review he wrote about the 4X4 Karoo car we’re driving down to Plettenberg Bay in. It’s a cool car! Mahindra South Africa sponsored it for us to use on this trip. I can’t figure out why he wants us to walk to Cape Town when we can drive there. I guess it’s a human thing :-).

This Mahindra PIKUP has a deep bin at the back and I really wanted The Fossil (aka Des) to pull the cover back and put me in there so I could jump around and bark (OK, howl – we Huskies don’t bark) at the humans and cows we passed along the road. But, no way!

The old fossil had me lying on the backseat “doggy blanket” the whole way to Plett. And that’s bloody far – 1,140 km from Joburg according to Google Maps. Well guess what – the Fossil decided to take a different route so he could test-drive the 4×4 on some gravel roads – his route ended up adding 300 km to that! It took us over 16 hours of driving to get to Plett. And, by the time we got to Prince Alfred’s Pass (the windy dirt road that he wanted to drive) it was pitch dark so we couldn’t see the view. But, that’s OK. We made regular “pit-stops” along the way so I could sniff around and pee.

Anyway, long story short – we arrived safely in Plettenberg Bay sometime after sunset and checked in at The Plettenberg Hotel. I’ll tell you more about that in tomorrow’s blog post.

That’s all for now human folks. BTW: if you happen to be anywhere along our walking route between Plettenberg Bay and Cape Town during late July to mid-August 2021, look out for us (we’ll be walking along the beach, or on a hiking trail, or along the side a main road) and come over to say “Howzit Husky Boy!” and “Fossil Man” if you want.

Wanna talk to us? WhatsApp the tall fossil hanging onto my leash. Here’s his number: +27 (0)82 374 7260.


PS. That extra X on the end of my name is supposed to be a kiss (yeah, I know it’s soppy).

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