Day T-3: A Star Is Born

Three more sleeps to go! Today, the fossil decided that I needed grooming before our Walk 4 SOS Huskies journey begins on Friday. So, Des called the experts; The Pooch Parlour in Alberton, Johannesburg.

The Fossil (aka Des) explained to the owner, Suzanne Dantu, that we’re walking to raise funds for Husky welfare and that I’m going to be a social media star. “And we can’t have a dirty star for this journey,” he said. “So, would The Pooch Parlour sponsor a grooming session?”.

“No problem,” Suzanne replied. “We’ll groom Jaxx ‘cos we love all animals, especially Siberian Huskies. Bring him in at 11h30 and we’ll groom him to stardom standards.” What a nice lady!

Established in 1970, Suzanne heads a dedicated team of caring, well trained groomers – all with 20 and longer years experience, a passion for working with animals, and a true love for pets.

I’ve gotta say, being dumped with a bunch of strange humans is not my idea of fun! When I was a puppy, I remember being repeatedly hit on the head by the snotty-nosed human brats who bought me. When I grew bigger, I bit them to stop the abuse. That’s when Husky Rescue SA (HRSA) took me away from them and I ended up being fostered by three more human families. I didn’t trust any of them, so I bit them too! So, I ended up back at HRSA and then, one day, the fossils wife, Beverley, saw a FB post saying that I was going to be “put down” if nobody was willing to foster me (they were kidding of course – it’s just a way to get human sympathy).

Well, it worked and the rest is history. I’ve never bitten Beverley or the Fossil since they adopted me ’cause I trust them. But that doesn’t mean that I trust anybody, especially if I feel deserted. So, I gave the Pooch Parlour staff a hard time but they calmed me with what they call “the T.touch technique”. And it worked! I felt very relaxed and pampered after that but, boy, was I glad to see the fossil come back to fetch me.

With blue ribbons tied to my head fur, and all sparkly clean and fluffy, I posed for a few photos with the staff and Suzanne gave me a salted hoof for being a “good boy”. Thanks a ton Pooch Parlour – I’ll be back! Where did I hear that before?

Anyway, from there the fossil and I jumped into the Mahindra PIKUP 4×4 and drove to Signarama in Kempton Park to collect magnetic signs that the owner, Ernst Muller, has sponsored for the side doors and rear of the PIKUP. “It’s for awareness,” said the fossil. “So other drivers can see who we are, what we’re doing, and why we’re crazy enough to walk from Plett to Cape Town in the middle of winter.”

Well, we’re leaving Jo’burg for Plettenberg Bay at 06h00 tomorrow morning, so, I’d better finish this blog post and get some sleep.

Wanna talk to us? WhatsApp the tall fossil hanging onto my leash. Here’s his number: +27 (0)82 374 7260.


PS. That extra X on the end of my name is supposed to be a kiss (yeah, I know it’s soppy).

Reminder: if you happen to be anywhere along our walking route between Plettenberg Bay and Cape Town during late July to mid-August 2021, look out for us (we’ll be walking along the beach, or on a hiking trail, or along the side a main road) and come over to say “Howzit Husky Boy!”

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